Young Lungs

by The Only Sons

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released June 1, 2008

Words and Music: Kent Eugene Goolsby
Stocked Pond Publishing (BMI)

Engineered by Mikey Allred and The Only Sons
Produced by Mikey Allred
Mastered by Mikey Allred

Recorded at The Pigeon Hole in Murfreesboro, TN




The Only Sons Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: Modern Men
Modern Men:
Hear the short man talking about how he can’t touch the sky
Hear the lonely kid saying his heart beats too loud at night
Hear the old man saying he did more wrong than right
Well, if you always thought you’d lose, why’d you even bother to fight?

As the rain came down on the west side of town
We retreated like an army defeated
Just a huddled mass, that could not see past
The only convenience we’ve known
And you can’t see the sky if you’re always looking down at the road
You can spend you’re whole life looking for a direction home

Hear the preacher praying for the souls of modern men
Hear the widower just wishing God would come take him
Hear the new born child crying in his second hand crib
Well, if you never had to crawl how would you know how much you can stand?

As the sun came up and swelled over the dock
We were just patterns in the sand
And we scattered like leaves in the wind
Because once that breeze is at your back
And you abandon those thoughts that made you act like a fool
Well, this time you’ll get it right for sure

As the sun laid down in the west side of time
We lent our shadows to the east
Just laying low with no where to go
And maybe this time could’ve been better spent
But I don’t know how and I sure ain’t thinking about
No, a roll of the dice always seemed adequate
Track Name: Do You Wrong
Do You Wrong:
Did I do you wrong?
Wearing those Sunday shoes
Won’t help you kick your blues

Did I do you wrong?
What was it that was said
That made you go and lose your head?

Leave the gravel in the road
The white fence on its posts
Because that fire in your mind
It won’t burn out till you let it

Did I do you wrong?
Wearing your Sunday best
Just ain’t enough to impress

Did I do you wrong?
What was it that you heard
That made you crawl when you should've stood?

Leave the reference in the frame
The leaves crowding the drain
Because that flood in your mind
Won’t dry up until you let it
Track Name: Signal Fire
Signal Fire:
The day was smothered like a signal fire
Dry leaves under heavy autumn rains
The Holy Ghost was no where to be seen

The less we earn the more we learn
That living’s not about getting paid
No everything you truly love is free

But the days run away
Like wild horses over the plains
And the survivors live
To tell about their father’s dreams

And you may exaggerate a bit
But that’s how he would have wanted it
If he was still around

And all I’ve ever known
Is how to get gone.

This quiet night, it knows no light
Except for the fire that’s burning in our minds
We’ll drown it for sure this time

You hiding out afraid of doubt
That steered you toward those tired streets
Well you don’t gotta win but don’t be the first one to claim defeat

But the months are chased away
Like some poor scrawny stray
Left out there in the streets to stay
And he might come crawling back
Like those thoughts that make you sick
And your heart, it will race

But all I’ve ever known
Is how to get gone
Track Name: Leave Us Now
Leave Us Now:
Make my way to the mighty Mississippi
When I cross that state line
All those southern states that hold my mind

Rest my soul in strangers home
Somewhere off the Jersey pike
In this crowded of a room you can’t be uptight

And darling carry me
Because all these feet do is lead

Oh Lord, don’t leave us now

Gave my hands on my fathers land
Past the Mason Dixon line
All those interstates that crowd my mind

Dug my heels in a cotton field
Beneath a burning sky
But spring had arrived,
Not one leaf did I recognize

And darling, distract me
Because all this mind does is lead
Track Name: Slowdown Georgia
Slowdown Georgia:
These lungs are heavy with borrowed air
And the plateau’s calling me home
But I’m not going back there

Because I can’t, So I won’t
And you can’t fix what was never broke

Slow down Georgia, can you slow it down?
Slow it down tonight

These hands are steady
With a mind much less ready
To do what must be done
Let the reins go loose for once

But I can’t, So I won’t
I have to at least pretend to be in control

Slowdown Georgia, can you slow it down?
Slow it down tonight
Track Name: Sweet Ghost of Mine
Sweet Ghost of Mine:
You sold the house down the street
It’s always covered with leaves
Even in the spring

Took all your mother’s possessions
To the street and just left them
Like out-of-date magazines

And I love losing it

And oh sweet ghost of mine
Who haunts that lonesome river side
You never took the time to know
That all you had was gold
Now I’m not gonna lend you a thing

I put my ear to the ground
I made piece with the sounds
That shake me from my sleep

Because I’m always looking for distractions
All those private reactions
That won’t let me be
Track Name: Bad News
Bad News:
While the devils in the cellar God’s up in the sky
Counting my steps until salvation
Got to learn to do better than I’ve done
If I want to be the one
To tell you what it’s like to be certain

Sang some verses to clear my mind
Songs pleading for redemption
Anticipation, it claims my heart
And I think I’ve found the key
So I spend most of my time looking for the lock

I want no more bad news from you

Though I told you so
I didn’t actually know
Which way was the right way to go

Bluebird’s singing its song to the sky
Church bells are calming lonesome lives
Headlights burn the pavement wide
As we’re watching from the neighbor’s gravel drive

My old man, he took care of his hands
Heart full of nothing but discipline
And though he was sent overseas
He ended up back here in middle Tennessee
Track Name: Lowlands
Hold your tongue
You ain’t saying nothing I ain’t already heard
You’ve got nothing to give that I deserve

How about that halo around you head?
I’ll take it

I don’t anymore than you do about living right
But at least I’m trying to

This gravel road
It knows which way to go
It knows the lowlands from the plateau

Oh- Down in the valley below
How it held my soul