Steel Hearts

by The Only Sons

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released March 1, 2009

Words and Music: Kent Eugene Goolsby
Stocked Pond Publishing (BMI)

Engineered by Alex Norfleet
Produced by Mikey Allred
Mastered by Mikey Allred

Recorded at Grand Palace Records in Murfreesboro, TN
Bio (2009):
Currently preparing for the release of their second album on Sophomore Lounge Records, The Only Sons have come a long way since the beginning. Kent Goolsby, Blake Loftis, and Jonathan Merritt have been playing music together since they were 16 years old.

Throughout their journey, the gang has seen many musicians come and go. Notable for The Only Sons was the loss of fiddle player Rebecca Wayne. However, her replacement by Andrew Mosiman and the solid lap steel/lead guitar sounds of Mike Burgess has left this band with a tight-knit group.

When asked how the alternative country sound of The Only Sons spawned, Goolsby explained that he grew up in a home filled with his parents' vinyl collection which included artists such as The Band, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and Neil Young. Kent said, "I didn't really get it [Southern music] growing up because I always played punk music. Right around the time that we [his former band] were going in our weirdest direction, I starting thinking that I would just like to write real songs. I started having trouble finding purpose in really weird music. I was just losing my drive."

This new direction birthed The Only Sons and (a few years later) its first full-length release, Young Lungs, a nine-song collection that kicks off with the immediately catchy "Modern Men." From here, the album progresses down a warm path of poetic lyricism and the Southern sounds that have put Nashville on the map. "Devil Wind," recorded only with acoustic guitar and Goolsby's raspy vocals, stands out as an evocative creation. Tracks like "Do You Wrong" and "Bad News" are quickly characterized by demanding lead guitar divisions and driving bass lines. Young Lungs is clearly an album into which these guys poured a whole lot of heart.

Now, less than a year later, The Only Sons are stoked to release their second full-length recording. Focusing more on memorable songwriting and less on poetic verse, Steel Hearts will feature 12 new tracks. While being released as a free download from, Steel Hearts will also be sold as an album with artwork.

Working with a brand new recording setup at Grand Palace Records seemed to be an amazing experience for the band. Goolsby described Grand Palace as an incredible studio and said, "It was so much fun. I miss it already." Along with members of The Only Sons, Steel Hearts will feature guest appearances by members of Zombie Bazooka Patrol and some contributing vocals from Joey Kneiser (Glossary). Fans can look forward to its release in June of '09.

As for the future, The Only Sons plan consists of playing shows, then playing some more shows, and when that is done, playing some more shows. Alongside conventional venues and bars, the boys also plan to perform at more houses and art spaces in the promising months to come.

-LANDIN E. KING (2009)




The Only Sons Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: Lay Back Down
Lay Back Down:
Laura lay back down
There’s no where left to drift in this town
Laura what’s on your mind?
You’ve been colored blue ever since that state line

Better quit your messin’ around
You better quit your messin’ around
Well I gave all I could, It’s more than I should
You better quit your messin’ around

Laura what have you done?
You used to dream with the best of ‘em
Laura whose got your back?
Your friends all laughed when I asked you that

Better quit your messin’ around
You better quit your messin’ around
Well I gave all I could, It’s more than I should
You better quit your messin’ around
Track Name: Wise Up
Wise Up:
How long does it take
To get set straight
To take your shoulder from the wheel
Kick the dust from your heels
Make a clean break
How long can you stay
Before that welcome is turned away
Before the debt becomes owed
And there’s nothing left to be sold
All you had you gave away
And you better wise up
Because no ones gonna help you
If you can’t help yourself
How much can you claim
Before all the property starts looking the same
Before the bottom falls out
There’s nothing to invest in now
Spent what you should’ve saved
How long can you be fooled
Till you see that no one plays by the rules
There’s no referee, no score to beat
No bounds in which to compete
Track Name: Loneliness is on My Side
Loneliness is on My Side:
Sold your soul to a tired road
With veins that run on gasoline
If seemed like a good idea at the time
Why bother with reconsidering

is on my side
And that’s alright

Took your troubles to the county seat
With half a mind to die and the other half to drink
And all the courage that you thought you had
You left at the bottom of the Budweiser can
Track Name: Been Gone
Been Gone:
I been gone
Like the moon that hides at dawn
How far can you stray
Before you forget which way you came

And I’ve been searching all day for a night like this
And I just don’t know when to call it quits

I been wrong
Made a mess of the things I loved
And when the days feel strange
How long till the familiar comes this way

And I’ve been searching all night for a day like this
And I just don't know when to call it quits
Track Name: Stranger Here Myself
Stranger Here Myself:
Southern sky is burning out like a match
Past the property line where the creek sits
And those thoughts you bury in the spring are gonna grow back
My old man he got this land cheap
So I guess one day it will be passed down to me
These hands will finally know responsibility
Because I’m a stranger here myself
So I can’t tell you what turn it was you missed
Yeah, I’m a stranger here myself
This porch has claimed its share of nights
Spent on words that helped at first but then did not
And for all the words we spoke, we never said much
By a wood burning stove all stories were told
Heard the hammering rain drive the gravel road
And who were we kidding leaving like we had somewhere to go
Track Name: Drew Blood
Drew Blood:
How can a soul settle down?
When it’s all it’s known is running around
When whatever it lost it already found
How can a soul settle down?

How can a heart learn to love?
When all it’s known is how to pump blood
When it all beats is faster than it should
How can a heart learn to love?

And you drew blood didn’t you?
You were the last of the greats
That's what you wanted people to think

How can feet lose their way?
When all they’ve always known what step to take
When all they’ve felt, it has been paved
How can feet lose their way?

How can a mind tough it out?
When all it’s known it’s come to doubt
When all it thinks can’t be said aloud
How can a mind tough it out?

And you drew blood didn’t you?
You were the last of the greats
That's what you wanted people to think
Track Name: Hadn't Been That Long
Hadn’t Been That Long:
Brother I hope that you’re well
It can be so hard to tell
It can be so hard to tell

I know your on the run
Gotta be the first to cross the line
If you spill your glass you can drink from mine

It hadn’t been that long
Since you felt you belonged
So sure that your bed was made
And It hadn’t been that long
Since you choose right from wrong
Though there’s no telling which was the better way
It just hadn’t been that long

Stranger, I know your face
How many times have you passed this way?
One foot on the road - the other in a grave

And how long did you stay
Before they knew your by your first name
And took to setting you a plate

Don’t say you should’ve known better
Because you did and now its done
What was gold is now bronze
Track Name: Troubled One
Troubled One:
Fare the well troubled one
Buried by the afternoon sun
Came with all intention to give
But you left with both hands filled

Dressed up now
Just to be seen around
Just so they remember once you’ve turned and gone
Well fare the well troubled one

Fare the well loaded gun
Ready you were to take down anyone
Rode for so long down the way
That Tennessee now seems strange
Track Name: Long Time Coming
Long Time Coming:
Though the river is wide
Shallow it sits between it’s sides
With each bend it reminds
We are the drifting kind

And though the wind - it is weak
Still it finds its way to me
Takes it’s time then leaves

It’s been a long time coming
It’s been a long time coming
For me

Though the paint it has dried
What is covered it cannot hide
To thin a coat to disguise
What was once kept from your eyes

And though the sky hangs low
It keeps the known from the unknown
Dressed up with the light from the dawn
It’s going to lead you home
Track Name: How Much is Too Much?
How Much is Too Much:
Tried your best
So much for progress
Living like a knot on a string
No lesson learned
From your mothers words
She always had something to say

That hook it will set in
Because you were never one for struggling
Never one to take to using a crutch
But how much is too much?

Knew the right words
No need to rehearse
Could convince anyone
And all your fathers words
Never sounded that good
Till you turned twenty-one
Track Name: Taking Your Time With My Love
Taking Your Time With My Love:
Your standing guard by the bedroom door
With lights burning heavy over a hardwood floor
And the screen door don’t know how to stay closed
Coming off the hinge, should get around to fixing it

You’re taking your time with my love
Why are you taking your time with my love?

That ceiling fan just keeps on spinning
And you look like a mess
That's just the way you dress
And the driveway don’t know
That tonight it lies alone
Because there’s no wheels rolling home
No stranger on my road
Track Name: We Will Get By
We Will Get By:
Once that day, it finally comes
What will there be left to wait on?
Sworn by seconds, your patient heart
Takes its time, keeps your breath short
For all the miles this state has held
It’s never been enough to keep you here
Besides anyone can tell you that
It’s better to leave than to get left

We will get by
We don’t have to try
Just to get by

Once that love, it finally leaves
What thoughts are worth enough to keep?
When all your patience wears is thin
How can you dress your heart any different?
For all the sights your eyes have claimed
There was never enough beauty to make you stay
And besides anyone can tell you that
It’s better to sale before the bottom drops out

We will get by
We don’t have to try
Just to get by